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New Freedom

“The Querencia ProcessesTM have given me new freedom. These tiny, deeply embedded shackles I was not aware of, have subtly released in less than an hour! And I can return to Direct ConnectTM at any time to re-establish conscious inner authority. The process called UnveilingTM revealed wrong conclusions I’d been living with. It’s like summoning the wisdom of a dream on command. From that new wisdom, I’ve been able to rewrite my contract with myself. I feel re-empowered. Thank you, Pamela.”

–Ellen Anthony, personal and professional coach, Open Door Coaching

A wonderful exercise…

“Just wanted to let you know that I listened to your tape this weekend and I really got a lot out of it….I especially liked the process of looking at the veil(s) that keep me from happiness and love. It was a wonderful exercise. It made clearer the futility of pushing my energy, or attention, in certain directions.”

–C.K., homemaker, bookkeeper

All these miracles…!

“I use the Querencia ProcessesTM every day and all these miracles keep snowballing! I’m such an absolute fan of this stuff–and the fact that it really and dramatically WORKS! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing gift you have given me in the form of the Querencia ProcessesTM.”

– David Leo, songwriter/lead singer, Naked Poets

Very meaningful…

“After doing the exercises in your purpose booklet and listening to your audio tape, I had a very vivid dream that helped to more clearly define my life purpose. What came through was very meaningful for me. I believe I am now more able to consciously focus my intention and attention in this direction and let the Miracle ZoneTM do its work.”

–Bob Nittoly, Canada

Using the booklet in a group: connecting personal mission to work…

“I am new in my management role with a group of ten people. I scheduled a retreat at the end of a busy cycle–with the goals of relationship building and re-visioning. …I used some of the concepts you presented from The Miracle ZoneTM and also used your purpose statement booklet as a guide…At the end, we related the general concept of personal mission to the greater work picture….

The next day at work, one woman in the work group pulled me over and asked me for more ‘exercises like that’…She said she loved it. Another man pulled me into his office with his door closed and told me how the exercise helped him to relate to his deeper mission–as a leader of his people (Latino) in their goal to be represented at the college. He related his purpose statement to his work….

I was led into another zone in that moment, Pamela. I even shed a tear while he revealed his authentic self to me.
So–thank you. Your very basic exercise positioned our group in a very important way.”

–J.M. college admissions director